Chameleon Mode is a subscription-based desktop application and we offer a 30-day unconditional refund that you can assess the suitability of the application for your needs. For upgraded access, you can purchase an annual plan and the credit card or paypal account on file will be charged. We have five paid plans available (Chameleon Starter Plan, Chameleon Pro, Chameleon SMM Superhero, Chameleon SEO Superhero, Chameleon Enterprise). All our plans have renewing and non-renewing version. If you choose renewing subscription you paypal account or credit card will be charged on recurring basis. When you sign up for a paid plan, you are agreeing to pay and take responsibility for all charges made in accordance with the chosen plan and the following policies.

Cancellation policy

Once a user submits a request for cancellation after the 30-day refund period, no additional charges will be made. However, no refunds (prorated or otherwise) are provided upon cancellation. In the interest of fairness to all of our clients, no exceptions will be made.

30-day refund period

Chameleon Mode offers a 30-day refund period for all of our plans. During this period a user can request termination of his/her subscription and the subscription amount will be refunded. The refund is always made to the same paypal account/credit card which was used for the payment. The 30-day period starts when the very first payment is recorded for a user. The refund period is tied to a user not to a subscription, so cancelling a subscription and creating a new one does not resets the refund period.

Renewing monthly plans

Monthly plans provide month-to-month access. Monthly plans are paid upfront. Payment will be made each renewal day (the same day of the month that you originally signed up for the plan). Renewing subscriptions plans automatically renew every year. If you cancel before the upcoming renewal date, you will not receive a refund, and will not be charged on the following renewal date and henceforth.

Annual plans

Annual plans provide one year access. Annual plans are paid monthly and cannot be cancelled. Annual plans provide substantial savings over the monthly plans. Annual plans expire at the same day of the year that you originally signed up for the plan.

Failed charges

If Chameleon Mode is unable to bill your credit card or paypal account, your account will enter past due state. When your account is in past due state you can access free features only. Our system will retry to bill your credit card or paypal account after 2 days and 3 days. If the payment attempts fail we will cancel your subscription and revert your account to free.

Billing and VAT

Chameleon Mode calculates the Value Added Tax (VAT) according the European Union regulations and the billing information you provide. It is your responsibility to provide correct billing information.

Disputes and credit card fraud

We take credit card fraud very seriously. If we receive fraud report from a bank, credit card manufacturer or paypal we automatically disable the affected account. Disabled accounts cannot be accessed until the case doesn't get solved. To re-enable your account you have to contact our support team